6 Reasons Why Portkeys BM5WR is Worth Buying

Portkeys released an updated version of the BM5 monitor that can control mainstream cameras – the Portkeys BM5WR. In addition to continuing the excellent performance and camera control of the previous BM5 III. BM5WR has an implemented wireless camera control for the RED Komodo & BMPCC cameras. What’s more, this monitor has the function of controlling the focus of RED Komodo, BGH1, ZCAM E2. At the same time, BM5WR has got officially approved by RED. Let’s see the reasons why you should buy PortKeys BM5WR wireless control RED Komodo camera?

Why Portkeys BM5WR is worth buying, except for the Camera Control of RED Komodo via Wi-Fi

There are many reasons why BM5WR is worth to buy. The overall appearance of the Portkeys BM5WR monitor is simple, with curved design at the four corners, and a good touch feel, solid and durable.

1. Robust Design – Compact Body and Lightweight

The monitor features an aluminum alloy shell design, which is claimed to be durable and lightweight. The BM5 WR weighs in at 376g / 13.3 oz.).

2. Sensitive Touchscreen with Anti-fingerprint

Portkeys BM5WR features  a 2200nit ultra-high brightness 5.5-inch display with a clear resolution, excellent color. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

It is a WLED display and the panel is 10-bit (8+2 FRC).

3. Retain Powerful Features of the BM5 Series

The Portkeys BM5WR is not a massive upgrade over its predecessor, and most of the main features are the same, including:

One SDI input and one HDMI input port. HDMI is mainly designed for compact micro-single shooting mostly only for pure monitoring, so no longer need HDMI output.

It can take video signals up to Full HD at 60 fps. One SDI output port can output an image with 3DLUT and a peaking.

Portkeys BM5WR SDI Loop-out

The bottom of Portkeys BM5WR is mainly distributed with a USB interface, which can be used to upgrade the firmware and load LUT by a USB flash drive.

It still retains a camera control port to control camera wired.

4. Compatible Batteries

Compatible batteries are those that provide enough current to power the BM5WR and have been tested and deemed safe for use.

You can use a Sony NP-F-style (Such as SONY NP-F970/F960/F750/F550) battery to power it. Also, there is a power input/output port so you can power it with a D-Tap power cable.

5. Multiple Monitoring Tools

Portkeys BM5WR supports up to 1080p 60fps video input. it is not only a multi-function monitoring, it also provides a clear enough image monitoring effect.

5.1. Full-function high-precision waveform

Portkeys BM5WR is equipped with five high-precision waveform functions, including Vector waveform, RGB waveform, Luminace waveform, RGB histogram, and luminace histogram. It has multiple display modes such as full-screen switch at will, and supports oscillometric output, which can monitor detailed image information in real time to ensure the uniformity of exposure and color during shooting.


5.2. Focus Peaking

BM5WR is also equipped with a new peaking algorithm. After turning on this function, by adjusting the focus of the lens, the focus position can be observed more intuitively, which is convenient for precise focusing during shooting.

Focus Peaking

5.3. Image Capture & Overlay Image

BM5WR monitor also supports the Overlay Image function only available in professional movie cameras. You can grab a frame of the image at will through the image acquisition function, and then use the image overlay function to compare the translucent image with the real-time video, which is convenient for photography The photographer compares the composition and corrects the displacement during the shooting.

Image capture

5.4. 3D LUT support with custom LUTs via USB

Porrtkeys BM5 WR also supports a variety of 3D Lut. You can get real-time video color effects by turning on this function. At the same time, it also supports Lut search via USB, and you can apply self-made Lut to realize real-time monitoring.

3D LUT support

5.5. Camera Control

BM5WR continues the camera control function of the previous generation BM5iii, that is, you can directly connect the camera or camera through the monitor itself without adding a control module, allowing users to control the machine’s aperture, shutter, sensitivity, color temperature, focus, and shooting format through the touch screen. Even menu settings, etc., and support wireless control of RED KOMODO and BMPCC 4K, 6K and 6K Pro camera, and wired control of mainstream models of Panasonic, Canon, Sony, Z CAM and other brands.

Camera control of BM5WR
5.5.1. Wireless control RED KOMODO

One of the highlights of this monitor is the built-in wireless module, which can be connected to the camera via WiFi or Bluetooth to achieve the function of controlling the camera, but it is currently limited to all models of RED KOMODO and BMPCC; and Aiken BM5 WR has also passed With the official certification of RED, RED KOMODO can be controlled wirelessly.

RED KOMODO comes with Wi-Fi function. By installing an antenna on the monitor and connecting the host via WiFi on the monitor, you can control KOMODO’s recording, focus, aperture, shutter, ISO, frame rate, and color temperature on the touch screen. And parameters such as exposure compensation.

BM5 WR Camera Control for RED Komodo
5.5.2. Camera Control Z Cam E2

Connecting the monitor and Z Cam E2 through the LANC control cable can realize the control of Z Cam E2’s recording, focus, zoom, aperture, shutter, ISO, frame rate, white balance, playback, etc.

bm5wr camera control of Z CAM
5.5.3. Camera Control Panasonic

We use Panasonic BGH1 and S1 for testing. Connect the monitor and BGH1 through the LANC cable. In the monitor, you can control the recording focus, aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance, color temperature and exposure of the BGH1. It can also be touched in the monitor. The mode of the screen directly controls the menu of the BGH1.

Note: Touch screen control BGH1 native menu.

Similarly, we connect the Panasonic S1 with the Portkeys BM5 WR. After connecting, the focus, aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance and color temperature of the S1 can be adjusted through the monitor.

Camera Control Panasonic
5.5.4. Camera Control Sony

Connect the Sony α7S3 and Aiken BM5 WR through the LANC cable to adjust the focus, zoom, aperture, shutter, and ISO of the α7S3.

It should be noted that when the monitor is connected to the Sony host through the LANC cable, you need to select to turn on the computer remote control function in the host menu.

Camera Control Sony

6. A Good Using Experience

In response to our needs for monitoring when we use different cameras for creation, this 5.5-inch monitor provides us with a variety of solutions, including oscilloscope, peaking, 3D Lut, and highlight screen, SDI with Lut output, Overlay Image function can also bring us more ways to use when shooting.

At the same time, when we use non-screen hosts such as Panasonic BGH1 and Z Cam, or small screen hosts such as Sony FX9 and RED KOMODO, the monitor is very necessary. During our use of this monitor, It can not only realize the real-time monitoring of the large screen but also realize the touch adjustment of the monitor through the host connected to the monitor, which facilitates shooting creation and improves work efficiency.


As a small-size monitor, Portkeys BM5WR has a high-quality screen and various monitoring functions. In actual use, it can provide photographers with a variety of solutions. The whole body is made of all aluminum alloy. , Not only can adapt to the high-intensity shooting environment, but also provide effective heat dissipation for the body to ensure the continuous and stable work of the monitor; and the built-in camera control function also provides creators with more efficient shooting solutions.

Moreover, the regular price of Portkeys BM5 III WR is only 749 USD. At this price, you can buy a 5.5-inch professional monitor with high brightness, camera control, and an Overlay Image function that only professional movie cameras have. It can be said to be very cost-effective.

Delay test


1. The 5.5-inch high-brightness monitoring screen is convenient for real-time monitoring.

2. Various monitoring functions, convenient for shooting creation.

3. The compact body with aluminum alloy shell design that heats dissipation more obviously.

Heat test


UI icons are a bit small and not easy to operate.