The Portkeys LEYE SDI digital viewfinder provides a crisp viewing choice for mirrorless cameras, Z CAMERA, BMPCC, Canon C70 or other video camera doing not have an integrated viewfinder.

This viewfinder has an HDMI input that sustains up to UHD 4K30 video as well as an SDI input sustaining as much as 1080p60 video clip.

LEYE EVF attributes include selectable and user-defined LUT assistance via USB, 3G-SDI input interface 1/4 4-pin air travel adapter power input, the D-Tap power cable provided, as well as a battery port at the back. Picture screen tools consist of coming to a head, zebra, waveform, histogram, and vectorscope features. The LEYE SDI EVF’s diopter readjusts from -8 to + 4, offering a wide variety of eyesight improvement that minimizes the demand to wear glasses while operating your video camera.