Portkeys Releases BM5 WR Monitor with Wireless Camera Control for RED KOMODO

Portkeys BM5 WR Comes with Wireless Control of RED KOMODO

Portkeys launches the BM5 WR monitor with wireless camera control. Wi-Fi connection specially designed for RED KOMODO. The wireless control of RED KOMODO can greatly optimize and quickly adjust the parameters on the touch screen and monitor the problems of the screen in real-time.

Robust design of BM5 WR Monitor

Portkeys has had the BM5 series for some time, with a 5.5-inch BM5 field monitor. Daylight viewable with 2200 nits brightness. BM5 WR uses a full CNC rugged aluminum alloy shell design, which is durable and lightweight. The new monitor will have many professional-grade outputs.

Of course, this upgraded version will maintain the same reliable BM5 sharpness, vivid color details, and dynamic touch screen camera control. The BM5 WR supports HDMI To SDI Out, the SDI Out can output the image superimposed with LUTs and a new peak value.

As an upgraded version of BM5, it also has a tool kit of Portkeys BM5, including, new peaking focus assist, exposure assist (False Color), Zebra, Histogram, Waveform, Vectorscope, Image Overlay, Image Capture, Audio Meters, 3D-LUT, etc.

Portkey BM5 WR built-in tools
The optimized new peaking algorithm can accurately capture subtle facial focus.  IRE can be set freely for ARRI false color.
ARRI False Color

The high-precision full-screen Waveform can accurately capture 1920X1080 pixels frame by frame. 

Image Overlay can superimpose the frozen frame semi-transparently on the HDMI or SDI video so that the photographer can correct the displacement.

High-precision Wave form

The BM5 III WR with camera control function retains the BMPCC Bluetooth control function, which can support wired control of mainstream cameras such as SONY, Canon, Panasonic, and Z CAM

It also supports motor control of the Tilta Nucleus N/M. What’s more, the BM5 WR can display the position of the Tilta Motors cursor.

It allows you to control the focus of Komodo, BGH1, E2 via the touch screen.

Color Calibration

Each BM5 WR has passed strict hardware color calibration before shipping to ensure the widest color gamut and the most accurate colors.

The wide color gamut can produce vivid and beautiful colors. The monitor’s screen has almost no image quality degradation and provides real-time images that are as vivid and original as the final output. 

2200nit super bright screen

Overall specs are:

  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • Color depth: 10 bits (8+2FRC)
  • 1000:1 contrast
  • Brightness: 2200nits
  • Input: 3-G SDI, HDMI / Output: 3-G SDI
  • Aluminum alloy body + Anti-fingerprint touch screen
  • Max Power Consumption: 13W
  • Weight: 376g

The BM5 WR is available for reservation now. Get yours at Portkeys Office Site: https://www.portkeys.com/bm5-wr/

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