PORTKEYS BM5 III WR Touchscreen Monitor and Atomos Ninja V 4K Recording Monitor

The PORTKEYS BM5 III WR 5.5″ HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with Camera Control and the Atomos Ninja V 5″ 4K recording monitor are both monitors around $800. The PORTKEYS BM5 III WR is $749.00 and the Atomos Ninja V monitor is $899.00. Let’s take a look at their respective features.

Set your exposure properly and focus accurately when capturing video with the help of the PORTKEYS BM5 III WR 5.5″ HDMI Touchscreen Monitor. This ultrabright onboard monitor features a wide color gamut, a durable aluminum build, and both HDMI and 3G/SDI video inputs and SDI output. The included wireless control module offers Wi-Fi control for the RED KOMODO and Bluetooth control for BMPCC 6K/6K Pro and 4K cameras. Wired control is available for select Canon, Blackmagic Design, Panasonic, Sony, and ZCAM E2 cameras. The BM5 III WR with Camera Control maintains the same reliable BM5 clarity, vivid color details, and dynamic touch screen camera control, and it offers touch focus for the KOMODO, the Panasonic BGH1, and the ZCAM E2.

The most popular features of the PORTKEYS BM5 III WR are camera controls and touchscreen controls.

The screen brightness of the Atomos Ninja V 4K Recording Monitor is 1000 cd/m². Record high-resolution 4K video with Ninja V 5″ 4K Recording Monitor with 1TB AtomX SSDmini & Mounting Kit put together by B&H. The 5″ Atomos Ninja V is a compact, on-camera monitor/recorder that records and plays back DCI 4K, UHD 4K, and HD video to/from mini-SSD drives. The monitor’s bright 1000 cd/m² screen is suitable for viewing indoors and outdoors, and it supports LUTs and a variety of log formats. The included 1TB SATA III drive is 20% smaller than an average SSD, supports 560/520 MB/s read and write speeds, and fits right into a 4K workflow.

The biggest selling point of the Atomos Ninja V 4K Recording Monitor is that it can record 4K video. The biggest feature selling points of PORTKEYS BM5 III WR are camera control, touch screen control, new focus peaking algorithm, 2200 cd/m² super bright display and so on. If you need to use a monitor to record video, you need to choose Ninja V 4K Recording Monitor. If you don’t have the need to record video with a monitor, then you buy a PORTKEYS BM5 III WR and you get a monitor that can control the camera, and all your operations can be done through the monitor’s touchscreen.