Portkeys Firmware Update Released for BM5 Series Monitor

The firmware is compatible with all current Portkeys BM5 series monitors ( BM5 WR, BM5 III, and BM5 II series monitors). It is not compatible with the LH5H and LH5P Series monitors.


1. Fixed the waveform that was not aligned after connecting the Sony_A7M3 camera.
2. Fixed white lines on the monitor screen when using SDI signal input after connecting to the RED KOMODO6K or other cameras.

Portkeys Firmware update V36 is available for download now. You’ll also find instructions in this guide.

Firmware Compatibility:

BM5 WR: BM5 V3WR.07.36.C09.B11 20210528
BM5 III: BM5 V3.06.36.C09.B09 20210528
BM5 II: BM5 V2.14.36.C22.B09 20210528

Firmware update best practices:

  • USB flash drive USB. 2.0 4GB (recommended)
  • Make sure the format is FAT 32
  • Fully Charged battery
  • Note older version of firmware before update
Portkeys monitor firmware update
Portkeys Firmware Update