Portkeys Launches New MOVNORM Firmware Update

New user interface, camera control features, and much more...

Shenzhen, China – 22nd February 2024 
Portkeys has launched a new operating
system for its hugely
successful LH7P, LH7H, PT6, and LH5P II (v3) on-camera monitors:MOVNORM OS.

MOVNORM OS has been completely redesigned from the ground up, gathering feedback from Portkeys users worldwide. This new operating system features a revamped and easier-to-use User Interface, which is more straightforward, with fewer gestures, and a faster way to navigate inside the monitor’s menu system.
To enter the menu, simply touch the screen, and the bottom toolbar appears, with direct access to six of your favorites and user-customizable monitoring tools at the touch of your fingertips. Furthermore, you’ll find a brightness adjustment slider to adjust your monitor’s backlight level on the fly. Lastly, you can configure your custom function buttons directly from the main menu in the bottom right corner.

On the top right corner, the new and very handy status bar will pop up if you click on the battery icon. This status bar indicates the monitor’s battery level, the HDMI input connection configuration, and shows you if a 3DLUT is active and/or currently displayed to the HDMI output. Also, the status bar indicates if a compatible camera is connected to your Portkeys monitor and, if so, the battery level of the connected camera.

Regarding the monitors’ tools, a stretching leg feature has been added to the Portkeys LH7P, LH7H, PT6, and LH5P II (v3). When shooting vertical content, the stretching leg tool allows you to set a line and elongate the image below that line. The stretching leg tool is handy for live-streaming shooting scenarios because you can output the modified image via the monitor’s HDMI output.

For the Portkeys LH7P and LH5P II (v3), MOVNORM OS also vastly improves the Camera Control’s UI and adds new features. To access the Camera Control menu, all you have to do is swipe up or down on the screen to enter or exit it. Also, you can access Camera Control via the status bar in the top right corner.

When it comes to supported camera models, MOVNORM OS is as powerful as ever, with plenty of new wired/wireless camera additions:

  • The Portkeys LH7P adds WiFi and Bluetooth support for many new cameras,including the Canon EOS R5/R6/R6 Mark II/R8, the Panasonic BGH1/BS1H, the Sony A7M IV, and the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K. Furthermore, the BMPCC 4K/6K/6K Pro, Sony Sony A7S III, A7 IV, A7M III, A7R V, A7R IV, A1, A9II,A7C, FX3, FX30, RX0, RX10, ZV-1, ZV-E10 are still supported.
  • The Portkeys LH5P II (v3) adds WiFi and Bluetooth control for the Panasonic BGH1/BS1H, the Canon EOS R5/R6/R6 Mark II/R8, the Sony A7M IV, and the Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K. The LH5P II (v3) can also control many different Sony, Canon, Panasonic, BMD, and ZCAM E2 cameras via an optional LANC, USB-C, or Mini/Micro USB cable.

MOVNORM OS also adds many new Camera Control features for Sony cameras and users, including a memory card status display, so it is easy to view how much recording time you have left in your camera.

The Rec trigger button has been redesigned and can now be placed at the bottom left/middle/right, with the addition of a recording time indicatornext to the Rec trigger that shows you for how long you’ve been rolling.

Furthermore, MOVNORM OS now features a focus mode selection frame, a zoom adjustment menu,and even the possibility to assign a camera parameter shortcut (ISO, Shutter Speed,Aperture…etc) to one of the four monitor’s physical function buttons. Of course, all the features and functionalities you already knew are still here, including Touch Focus, ISO/Shutter/Aperture/White balance adjustments, and much more.

The new MOVNORM OS is compatible with select Portkeys HDMI-only models, including the LH7P, LH7H, PT6, and LH5P II (v3). For other high-end Portkeys monitors with HDMI and HD-SDI video input/output ports, Portkeys will launch an upcoming firmware update called CINENORM OS in the forthcoming months.

The MOVNORM OS is a free update for all existing users and can already be downloaded on Portkeys’ website support page (https://www.portkeys.com/support/). You can see all Portkeys monitors and experience the new MOVNORM OS in the flesh at NAB 2024 in Las Vegas at the Portkeys booth (C8325, Central Hall).