Portkeys LH5P 4K 1700nit Professional Camera Monitor

Overview of Portkeys LH5P 4K HDMI 1700nit Professional Camera Monitor

Portkeys LH5P is a 5.5” HDMI-only monitor, advanced monitor, professional recorder, portable oscilloscope, and excellent camera viewfinder solution! It has a 1700nit ultra-high brightness, an IPS touch screen, can control the BlackMagic, ZCam, and BMPCC 4K/6K wirelessly, and supports 3D LUTs import and real-time preview. All in all, it has all the auxiliary functions of traditional monitors.

What's new in Portkeys LH5P?

PortKeys LH5P is made of aluminum alloy, so it is more resistant to field use. Moreover, it looks slightly thinner than the previous product, but the LH5P weighs 250 grams.

LH5P has a built-in camera control module, which can control various cameras for BMPCC 4K/6K users via cable or wirelessly. LH5P can be connected to your camera via a cable, and currently supports Z CAM, Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Blackmagic cameras. 

In short, with LH5P, you can even adjust camera settings, trigger recording, and even zoom without touching the camera!

Portkeys LH5P 5.5''
The functions of Portkeys LH5P camera monitor

What are the highlights of Portkeys LH5P?

Abundant shooting assistance functions have been able to fully meet the needs of film and television photographers, whether it is composition, exposure, color, audio monitoring, and signal looping, all can be realized on this small monitor. 

Having such a monitor can greatly enhance the shooting experience. At the same time, it can load 3D LUTs to reflect the professionalism of this monitor.

So what kind of creator needs it?

Price and availability

Portkeys LH5P is available now at a price of $399.00. The package includes a DC power cord up to the elbow, a camera control cord, a safe, and a USB memory stick with instructions. For more information, see Portkey’s website here.

Portkeys LH5P on camera monitor