Happy weekend, Portkeys Users, we recently received some after-sales service about the monitor being fried, so we would like to take this opportunity to issue the following statement to help customers, use the monitor better, and prevent the occurrence of being fried, first of all, Our monitors are designed with circuit protection, which can protect the monitors from being fried to a great extent, but in the process of assisting customers in solving and dealing with after-sales problems, we found that most of our customers’ monitors were fried because of using the power cables without short-circuit protection or used the uncertified third-party power cables.

Many customers choose to use the D-tap to right-angle aviation port power cable. We highly do not recommend using this type of cable to power the Monitors. Because, during long-term use, the right-angle head will rotate due to looseness, which will cause the internal wire friction and damage. This will lead to a short circuit and fry the monitor. Secondly, some customers use uncertified third-party power supply cables. Most of the power supply cables on the market are not designed with short-circuit protection.

uncertified third-party power supply cables

We recommend that all customers use Portkeys official aviation head power supply Cables. We had done strict testing and designed short-circuit protection to prevent various emergencies before shipping. From now on, If the Monitors are fried caused by using right-angle head aviation head power supply cables, third-party, unofficial certified power supply cables, the customers need to bear the after-sales maintenance costs.

Others Non-human factors that caused After-sales problems still enjoy Portkeys’ one-year warranty policy.

Portkeys official aviation head power supply Cables

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