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Portkeys EVF Eyes Cushion



  • Portkeys Eyes Cushion is softer and more comfortable to fit the eyes;
  • Surface is fully covered with PU leather, which is more durable;
  • Rebound sponge inside, softer and more comfortable;
  • Hidden ventilation holes at the bottom for better heat dissipation;
  • Velcro fixed for easy disassembly;
Director handle cageHD-1 Cage

HD-1 Cage


Director’s Monitor Cage with Adjustable Handles for 7”or 9” Monitors

  • Product model: HD-1 Cage
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy(Handle is Wooden)
  • Dimensions: 360x132x38mm
  • Net Weight: 300g




Portkeys Monitor Holder with Locating Pins

  • Product model: MH-2
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: 48*33*24.6mm
  • Net Weight: 43.5g
  • Compatibility: BM5, BM5II, BM5III, BM5WR, PT5, LH5P, LH5H, HS7T, LEYE
  • Brand: Portkeys

Portkeys Screen Protector


Portkeys Tempered Glass LCD Screen Protector is designed to protect your 5.5-inch display from dust, dirt, and scratches. Compatible with BM5WR/BM5III/LH5P high brightness camera control monitor.

* 2 pieces of transparent screen protector

*Only applicable to 5.5-inch monitor