Portkeys LH5P Review | BMPCC 4K,6K,6K Pro Wireless Control is Ready

Portkeys LH5P review – LH5P can control wirelessly for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4K/6K/Pro cameras through Bluetooth. When connected, the LH5P can trigger start/stop recording, adjust camera settings, or pull focus without touching the camera.
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What is interesting about Portkeys LH5P?

Today we will take a closer look at the amazing monitor, which has many features, called PortKeys LH5P 1700nit brightness touchscreen. In fact, you can control wireless for Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K/4K cameras directly from the touch screen interface of the monitor, just like recording and stopping recording the ISO value, shutter speed value, and all the others directly obtained from the monitor connected to the Blackmagic. Besides camera control, the L5HP can control the Tilta Nucleus N/M motor via cable and show lens cursor position. So that you can achieve straight control and focus control through the touch screen function. It’s never seen before on such a small screen.

Portkeys LH5P connect to Blackmagic

There are 2 ways to connect the LH5P to your cameras.

Way 1: Connect the LH5P through the camera control cable (Z CAM, Blackmagic, Sony, Canon, and Panasonic models).

Way 2: Directly wireless with the camera via Bluetooth (Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K/4K cameras).


How do you use LH5P control you Blackmagic 6k wirelessly

It only takes one step to connect LH5P with Blackmagic 6K. To do that, turn on the Bluetooth on BMPCC and connect directly to the monitor with a short password. 

After connected, the LH5P can trigger start/stop recording, adjust camera settings and all data colors and recording formats, and you can directly pass the monitor connected through A and B focus points. The resolution is obtained so that the tilted nuclei are connected to the focal point.

Start/Stop Recording

The LH5P can trigger start/stop recording. The "Record" button has a large number of recording functions on this small display. By swiping the desired function to the left, right, up or down, you can easily and very simply browse Screen settings.

Control Focus

If you have an active focus lens zoom option, aperture control, and aperture, you can control the focus without touching the camera.

Shutter speed value

You can also control the camera's shutter speed value.

Change ISO value

You can control the ISO value.

Adjust white balance tone

White balance can be changed very easily.

Control FPS

Turn off the speed control function of frames rate.

Portkeys LH5P built-in fan

PortKeys LH5P does have a built-in fan. In the menu, you can set it to low, medium, or high. During all tests, I kept the fan at the “low” setting and the monitor did not overheat.

The fan is quiet. You can hear its sound when you turn on the monitor because it will spin at the maximum fan speed for one second. However, once you turn on the monitor, you have to place your ears next to the vent and notice it at a low speed, even the microphone built into the camera can hardly grasp it.

fan control
adjust the aperture of camera on lh5p
change iso value

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The LH5P has a brightness of 1700 nits, which is suitable for all-day shooting even in brighter sunlight. It is not the brightest display there, but it is quite bright and consumes 10 watt-hours of power. This way you can do it for four consecutive hours. If you are using a larger battery mounted on the back panel.

The LH5P is also equipped with standard features, like a touchscreen, waveform monitor, false color, support for Sony NP batteries, and more.

function key
input output 4k hdmi

Indeed, a great on-camera monitor must be as color accurate as possible and be as close to “what you see is what you get” as possible. 

The LH5P display is color calibrated by Portkeys out of the factory. The monitor is in-factory calibrated using an X-Rite i1 Display Pro colorimeter. In short, it should be pretty color accurate out of the box. And this is the feeling you get, colors are not off, but you can make them better by adjusting the contrast a bit and the chroma/tint settings by plus or minus two/three. If you have an i1 Display Pro prob, you can even re-calibrate your LH5P yourself later down the road if needed.

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